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Use the cold of deep water to make air & fluid cooling, and the temperature difference between deepsea and surface waters to produce electricity

Our work is based on a technique of seawater air cooling and electricity generation to guarantee:

- a very low direct environmental impact

- a system lifetime of up to 50 years

- a 90% reduction in electricity consumption

- continuous energy little dependent on climatic conditions

- green energy

- a price very little dependent on the evolution of energy prices

- elimination of fluorinated gas emissions

We work from two technical processes  :

Schémas des technos.png

Key words

OTEC: an OTEC power plant is a heat engine powered by the temperature differences between hot (at the surface) and cold (pumped deep) seawater that produces electricity. It is possible to upgrade seawater for aquaculture applications.​

SWAC : system allowing the use of sea water as a cold source (“free-cooling”) to meet the air cooling needs of a few buildings up to an entire district. It is often offered in "bad-grid" areas with high and carbon-intensive electricity costs.

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