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VALUE PARK was born as a spin-off from the Bardot Group which, for nearly 15 years, has developed innovative polymer solutions for oil, gas and offshore wind projects.


In 2015, the group decided to capitalize on its expertise in seawater intakes risers and to invest in the development of Marine Renewable baseload energy technology and projects in order to engage alongside more responsible industrial and urban development.


Our commitment to the development of sustainable energies is based on 5 key values:

President's word

« Eco-energy transition is really a very complex subject, which all humans face together, harmonizing with each other, as their assumptions are strengthened and transformed into certainties.

At Value Park, our experience as specialists in transition energies encourages us to develop our technologies as soon as we are absolutely certain of their benefit for our planet.

Our Value-SWAC technology already reduces dramatically the impact of air cooling processes in a certain and very significant way and contributes very significantly to the « Scope 1 » of decarbonization of our customers, operators of infrastructures that consume a lot of cooling: coastal establishments (Hospitals, Hotels , Center of Life and Work) but also Data Centers and Crypto-Mining Centers.

At Value-Park, we refuse any form of demagoguery in order to develop the energies of tomorrow in a pragmatic and safe way.

We are serious and passionate people, very experienced in marine energy exploitation technologies, and determined to deliver very concrete and rapid benefits to our customers. »

Value Park President

Guy NB.png


Humanity and equality in the way we treat people, both within the company and in our external relations with our partners, subcontractors and customers.


Associate, share, collaborate with the expertise of each in the service of a collective project. Team spirit is the key to success for us.


The ability to adapt to new surrounding environments and also know how to evolve and demonstrate maneuverability in the market.


Honesty in our commitment to the energy transition while respecting the environment and the humans who will come into close contact with our projects.


Dare technical prowess by creating, innovating and knowing how to take risks in order to continually improve.


Guy NB.png

Guy Bardot


DR NB.jpg

Daniel Ramakichenane

Financing expert

EJ NB.png

Edouard Jounet

Financing Expert
Energetic efficiency

Andre-Charles NB.jpg

Mintsa Do Ango

Project Leader

MA_NB vdef.png

Maëva Aletas

Project Leader

Mathieu NB.png

Mathieu Labaisse

Subsea Pipeline expert

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